Bywater Real Estate

New Orleans is a city extremely rich in cultural diversity. One way this culture is expressed is through the exterior décor of the cottages, shotguns, and other homes in the older parts of the Crescent City. Many of the homes in Bywater, Marigny, Treme, and the French Quarter are painted bright colors: reds, oranges, yellows, bright blues, purple, and pink. In the early days of the city after the British began to build homes, the color of the home or plantation house was a signal of who lived there.

Living in Bywater

The French and Creoles painted their homes bright colors and the British used more simple color schemes like whites, blacks, and browns. The heritage has continued, for if one drives through even the newer neighborhoods in the city, one will notice brightly painted homes. Bywater offers a close knit neighborhood and the residents partake of the local art galleries, restaurants, bars, and studios. This community, along with Marigny and Treme, offers artists of all kinds, musicians, and writers the opportunity to live with like-minded people: a distinct community within the larger community of New Orleans. Creativity blooms here, and the historical streets and alleys give much inspiration for art and fiction. These neighborhoods offer a quieter context to live in the larger city scene. Situated on the higher ground next to the river, many of the homes in Bywater are newly renovated, and the condos and lofts find their origins in older city structures.

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