Cotton Mill Condos

The Cotton Mills Condos find their historical roots in the Maginnis Cotton Mill that occupied the building from 1882-1944. The restoration of Cotton Mill was carried out by Historic Restoration, Inc., who took painstaking care to preserve the historical and architectural element of the building. Once the renovations were complete 269 units emerged. Cotton Mill offers one, two, and three bedroom condominiums, as well as penthouse suites.

Living at the Cotton Mill

Several unique exterior features set Cotton Mill apart from the other condominiums in the Arts District. This structure is recognizable for its antiquity, and the cotton mills tower that enhances the skyline. A courtyard surrounds Cotton Mill that stretches for an entire city block. The courtyard features a pool with inlaid brick and party room with grills. Brick mingles with splashes of tropical green and blue creating an amazing outdoor room. Large windows are encased by arched brickwork, allowing abundant light to flow into rooms with high ceilings, solid hardwood floors and exposed cypress beams. Iron connectors, exposed pipes, and exposed masonry lend these units authentic condominium appeal. The kitchens are newly renovated to state of the art quality, with granite countertops, stainless steel, and new cabinetry. All of this is situated among the restaurants, art galleries, and museums of the Arts District. The Louisiana Children’s Museum and LeMieux Galleries are but two of the galleries located on Julia St. There is so much to explore from Cotton Mill. If you are interested in Cotton Mill Condos or real estate in the New Orleans Arts District, please contact Jason Lapene. Our Cotton Mill Condo real estate agent will call you back immediately.

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