Metairie Real Estate

Metairie is most well-known for its classic neighborhoods and fantastic shopping. The homes offer a unique blend of suburban comfort with a New Orleans flavor. There are beautiful homes of all varieties here, as well as both spacious and sparing property sizes. Residents from all over the area, from the West Bank to the North Shore of Lake Ponchartrain, use Metairie as a shopping destination. Veterans Blvd. is the location of Lakeside Mall, a huge shopping complex, as well as many neighboring shopping establishments. Those who live in this community may conveniently partake of it all.

Living in Metairie

Metairie carries a reputation for being an excellent place to raise a family and buy real estate. During Mardi Gras season, there are many parades in Metairie, and the celebrations hosted here are called “Family Gras” and are popular with local residents. Parade goers enjoy the floats and high school marching bands amidst the cries of “throw me something mister!” Metairie also provides many recreational opportunities for its residents. The Zephyr’s, a minor league baseball team, make their home base in Metairie, playing at Zephyr Field. The games are well attended, fans enjoying not only the baseball, but the food, drinks, and live entertainment that often accompany, making it a complete event. In addition, many parks intersperse with the homes and condos of Metairie. Lafreniere Park is a popular destination, offering athletic fields as well as a jogging and walking track. The way of life is truly desirable.

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