Mid-City Real Estate

Canal St., one of the most famous streets in New Orleans, begins in the Central Business District and runs through the heart of Mid-City. This area contains many of the famous New Orleans shotgun homes, as well as more spacious homes and mansions. Here is a wonderful neighborhood where one may partake of the local flavor at the many small bars and restaurants that serve the residents here.

Living in Midcity

Living in Mid-City, one has convenient access to City Park, which provides a great backdrop for exercising, relaxing, and taking in the arts. Located in City Park is the New Orleans Art Museum, which is unique for its showcasing of local and nationally known pieces. Nearby is Tad Gormley Stadium, which is the terminus for the Crescent City Classic, the 10K race held each April in New Orleans. The race begins in the French Quarter and makes a dramatic finish at the stadium in City Park. One participant in the race remarked that it was the eclectic brightly painted homes in Mid-City that she remembered after the race and that kept her running toward the finish line. Enormous white columns, delicately lit in the evening dusk, stately driveways, and rich ironwork are among the finery that one will find in Mid-City real estate. The shotgun homes are a rainbow of colors, with artistically done window casings and doorways. Live oaks and manicured lawns add the finishing touch to the portrait. The homes in Mid-City truly represent the best of New Orleans.

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