Treme Real Estate

In the early days of the city, Tremé was the neighborhood closest to the Lake. The people of Tremé were characterized by their free spirits, their passion for live music, in particular brass jazz, and for dance. In Jackson Square, one will see sidewalk musicians playing for pocket change. Tremé features the same, for at every turn one is encountered by the toe-tapping thrill of live music. The homes and apartments in Tremé, like other neighborhoods that border the French Quarter, are of the classical New Orleans architecture and are characterized by raised cottages, shotguns, and two-story homes with iron grating. The house fronts are well kept and manicured with a green Caribbean flavor.

Living in Treme

There is a Charter School movement in New Orleans at this time, and Tremé boasts of its own Charter Association, the Tremé Charter School Association, which currently runs McDonough 42 Elementary Charter on N. Tonti St. One characteristic of the Charter Schools is that they seek to educate from within the rich cultural context of New Orleans. The people of Tremé are intensely proud of their heritage, founded in New Orleans’ roots as a port city. This culture is evident at every step of the unique neighborhood. From local bars and restaurants serving red beans and rice on Monday to the observance of Mardi Gras in anticipation of Lent, Tremé is quintessentially New Orleans.

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